The creators of Allison Road, Lilith LTD, have turned to Kickstarter for their upcoming horror title, and they have officially launched a campaign seeking £250,000 ($388,281).

Allison Road is a “narrative-driven survival horror” game set in a British townhouse in Manchester, where players must uncover what happened to their family while surviving the house’s evil entities, in a first-person view. Much of the game’s design seems to be inspired by the now-defunct Silent Hills title that Hideo Kojima was developing in collaboration with other notable horror artists and directors such as Guillermo Del Toro and Junji Ito. Lilith LTD founder Chris Kesler spoke rather fondly of the P.T. demo in an interview with Polygon, where he called it “an eye-opener.”

“It was so small, yet so effective. The graphics were amazing; the whole vibe was super eerie. I realized that I could take my ideas and stage them in a house instead … create an intimate and tight experience.” — Chris Kesler

Lilith LTD is still planning to release the game regardless of the campaign’s outcome. They’re asking for the additional funding so that they can expand their team, create additional features, and eventually add more platforms. “We’ve already put a plan in place using personal finances to get the game done no matter what happens, however this extra money can be used by us to hire a few more talented people.” Mac, Linux, and console versions are currently planned and are expected to follow the PC release. However, their release “will be directly determined by the success of [the] Kickstarter campaign and more specifically [Lilith LTD’s] stretch goals.” Those goals begin at £300,000 with the Mac and Linux version.

Allison Road’s Kickstarter is currently sitting at $183,702 with 3,558 backers at the time of this writing, and will end on Oct. 21. Backer tiers range from £5 ($8) to £5,000 ($7,800) with rewards ranging from a special thanks, to a physical copy of the game on PC, and even to a trip to the UK to play the full version of the game before it’s released. Click the source below for the official Kickstarter page, and check out the prototype gameplay footage above.

Source: Kickstarter

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