Well, it seems as if someone over at Amazon UK has jumped the gun on this listing. The Amazon UK page has listed a bundle called “Basic Smash Bundle” under their Wii U console page. While this was never officially announced by Nintendo, it does seem to confirm the rumors going around of this bundle being released. Surprisingly, according to the listing, it will only will include the basic 8 GB Wii U instead of the 32 GB deluxe model.

The bundle is currently set at £229.99 (roughly $365) and is set to release on December 5, the original planned release date for the game before it was pushed back a week. There is no preview picture available and no other details are currently known about this bundle.

I hope that the Wii U console itself will have some sort of Super Smash Bros. theme, although I doubt it. Are you thinking about buying this bundle? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Amazon UK

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