Among the oldest and most renowned faces in gaming are Mario and Donkey Kong, making their landmark premiere in Donkey Kong—Nintendo’s revolutionary arcade platformer in 1981. Since then, the pair would occasionally butt heads under the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, if not brawling, go-karting, and competing in an array of sports in other franchise spin-offs. This next mod, however, will bring the plumber and ape together like never before.

YouTuber Kaze Emanuar released a new mod for
Super Mario 64 that replaces Peach’s Castle and its many paintings with DK’s island home from Rare’s Donkey Kong 64. The aptly named “Super Donkey Kong 64” hack comes with 50 Stars up for grabs via its own unique set of missions, along with Mario packing some new abilities as he travels from Jungle Japes all the way to Hideout Helm!

Those eager to try out SDK64 for themselves can
download the mod here.

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Jeffrey McDonell
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