Be it through the quests of Ninten, Ness, or Lucas, “Pollyanna (I Believe in You)” is a recurring theme throughout the EarthBound series that holds a special place in the hearts of its fans. Some might recall hearing Catherine Warwick’s remastered version with vocals and all from the original Mother soundtrack, featured in a popular animated tribute to the SNES sequel a few years ago.

That particular rendition now has a phenomenal jazz/funk cover through the collaborative efforts of four talented musicians, premiering on YouTube today. Call them “Pollyanna,” because they must be crazy as a loon to have pulled this one off—check it out for yourself above!

As for the talent involved, those among you who frequent YouTube for covers of your favorite video game tunes might recognize Carlos “insaneintherainmusic” Eiene on sax, piano, cowbell, drums, and bass, as well as FamilyJules7x on guitar, Adriana “Adrisaurus” Figueroa on vocals, and Sab Irene on backing vocals. Be sure to download their “Pollyanna” arrangement for yourself through your digital music distributor of choice (links available in the video description), and check out their own channels for more!

Source: YouTube

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