As a Pokémon player, your mission is to catch all 719+ Pokémon; however, many of these are restricted by events that make them difficult to obtain.

Now, thanks to a newly-discovered 3DS camera exploit, players can now easily obtain any Pokémon that they desire in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire; please note that many players will not consider these Pokémon legitimate and may not appreciate you using them against them in battle. However, if you are interested in catching them all through this method, read on!

For this exploit, you’ll need a Nintendo 3DS, 3DS XL, or 2DS (the New 3DS and New 3DS XL will not work), a copy of one of the games listed above, and access to the internet on your computer or phone. First, you’ll need to go into your 3DS internet browser and clear your history and cookies; you can find these options by clicking on the wrench icon in your browser.

Next, you’ll need to start up your game and head to a PC; move the first Pokémon in Box 1 to another slot, then exit the PC. Do not move your character after exiting the PC. Then, head to the 3DS Home menu and boot up the Camera by clicking the L and R buttons. You’ll also need to access a QR code for whatever Pokémon you wish to obtain; there’s a whole sub-Reddit devoted to these codes, and you can also make them yourself provided you have access to Pokémon hacking software.

Now, scan the selected QR code using the 3DS’s camera; it will display a pop-up asking for permission to open a link in the 3DS internet browser. After you accept, the browser will open, load the webpage for a few seconds, then crash; this is perfectly normal and is supposed to happen. Hit OK again and return to your game; boot up the PC, and you’ll find your new Pokémon in the slot you cleared out earlier! However, the Pokémon will not be added to your Pokédex; to fix this, simply deposit it into the Pokémon Bank and withdraw it.

Source: Reddit (via IGN)

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