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An Impressive Fan-Made Mock-Up Shows How Nintendo’s NX Could Look and Function


A few days ago, Eurogamer dropped by a bombshell by releasing a report full of details on Nintendo’s upcoming NX. Nintendo has declined to comment, but multiple other reputable sources have since corroborated the information. According to the report, NX will be a handheld device featuring detachable controllers and a docking base that allows it to connect to a TV.

If you’re having trouble picturing how this would look or how it could function, NeoGAF user
Pitree whipped up a mock-up of the handheld based on its description and on Eurogamer’s initial mock-up sketch. Pitree then released several more images (featuring some changes to the detachable controllers) showing off how NX could look and function in both single-player and two-player scenarios. You can check out a gallery by clicking below!

Source: NeoGAF (12)

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