A couple of months ago, developer Creative Assembly announced a new entry in the Total War series, Total War: Warhammer. Now they have released an additional trailer for that game. This video is an “in-engine” look at that game. The trailer does not show actual gameplay, but it does show off a few different units and factions this game has, letting them all duke it out in a large-scale battle, which is a staple of the Total War series.

If you have played any of the previous installments in the franchise, it’s easy to note what sets this game apart from the rest: the fantasy setting. Other games in the series are all based on historic events, but this game trades reality for a different world, opening up a myriad of new possibilities. This time not only humans are battling for supremacy, but orcs, goblins, vampires, giants, and beasts have also joined the fray. Still, it’s a Total War game, and the core mechanics are unchanged. There is turn-based strategy and management on a map, intertwined with real-time battles. In addition to this traditional game mode, there will also be new ones. Such as a quest mode that has players completing set missions and battles.

Does this trailer leave you hungry for more, and do you want to know more about this quest mode? Then Total War developer Creative Assembly has you covered, as they will release a developer walkthrough of “The Battle of Blackfire Pass,” which is one of the battles in the quest mode, on July 30. That showing will also be the first time live gameplay footage is released. Unfortunately, the game’s release date has not been announced as of yet.

What do you think of this trailer? Do you like the direction they took by setting this game in a fantasy world? Let us hear in the comments below!

Source: PC Gamer

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