In Undertale, players are given the choice of either showing mercy to the monsters they meet by sparing them, or killing them in order to earn EXP and LV. Going out of one’s way to eliminate each and every single monster in the player character’s path activates the Genocide Route, which then leads towards the most difficult final boss in the game.

Before that final showdown, one last obstacle remains with Mettaton, the showstopping TV star of the Underground—but despite the buildup towards this moment and MTT’s best efforts, the robot is eliminated in one hit even with his new combat-oriented form. Therefore, animator NCHProductions took it upon themselves to show the true power of Mettaton NEO in their own chilling take on a full length battle against the fallen human gone genocidal.

Check out the animation for yourself above, but be be warned because there are obvious spoilers.

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Chara Vs Mettaton NEO in the comments below! Should you crave more MTT-brand goodness, you can also watch Alyssa Gerwig’s Death by Glamour animatic, which faithfully and wonderfully recreates the Neutral Route battle against Mettaton EX, by clicking here.

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