Amongst the chit chat that Microsoft’s Xbox One is stirring up, the Ouya, believe it or not, is still releasing news! To reiterate for those who don’t know, the Ouya is a new and upcoming console crowdfunded by Kickstarter. This small yet powerful system utilizes the Android 4.1 operating system as well as Nvidia’s Tegra 3. The Ouya console will come with one wireless bluetooth controller, a power adapter, two AA batteries, and an HDMI cable for the system.

Basically, here’s what has been going on in the Ouya’s life:

With all the talk about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, some people have actually forgotten about the (literally) smaller systems like the Ouya. Is the Ouya a console to look forward to? Share your comments and opinions in the section below!

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Logan Cavaliere


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