Nintendo’s recently announced next-generation platform, codenamed NX, has had many wondering and theorizing on possibilities for the future of the company. While many are imagining a system that melds Nintendo’s prowess in home consoles and handhelds, at least one analyst has something radically different in mind, calling his prediction “a video game controller for the smart device era.”

Nicholas Lovell explains his interesting take on the possibilities NX has to offer:

“Nintendo will harness the wearable/sensor research that comes out of its health and wellbeing division to create a new type of controller. My current guess is a glove of some sort, but it could be a smart watch and a couple of rings, or something like that.”
— Nicholas Lovell

Lovell’s idea may sound like an entirely left-field prediction, but there’s no denying that it does go hand-in-hand with Nintendo’s recent decision to branch out into the red ocean of mobile gaming. He continues:

“The NX device will be a relatively low-powered box that sits under the television screen in the living room. It will interface with the controller to allow players to interact with their games using gestures, perhaps touching a smart watch, or tapping your thumb and forefinger together, or some other movement that combines gestures and wearables.”
— Nicholas Lovell

While Lovell envisions this type of hardware as a perfect match for the modern technological landscape, his descriptions sound decidedly futuristic. We’ll have to wait until next year for our first look at what the NX really is, but would this kind of platform excite you? Do you think it’s possible that Nintendo might be taking an approach similar to the one Lovell’s described? Comment below.

Note: Pictured above is Nintendo’s Power Glove, a peripheral released in 1989.

Source: Gamesbrief

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