This November, Sony will be launching a newer, more powerful version of the ever-popular PlayStation 4. Sony’s Andrew House has revealed that he hopes that the new and improved PlayStation 4 Pro will help his company combat the trend of gamers migrating to PC mid-generation. Will the extra power of PlayStation 4 Pro be enough to make customers choose console over computer?

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, never one to sugarcoat his opinions, thinks the answer is a resounding no. Speaking with Daily Star, Pachter called PC gamers “arrogant twits” and compared the PC community to racists in his explanation.

“I think PC Gamers are like racists; they only like their own kind and they have no interest in venturing out and mixing with other races. PC gamers are arrogant twits who are convinced what they do is better than what anybody else can possibly do.”
— Michael Pachter

While Pachter doesn’t think PlayStation 4 Pro will sway many PC gamers, he does believe it can still attract new customers.

“However if you were an Xbox owner and you’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a PlayStation owner, this is a great opportunity. And I think if you’re not a [next-gen] console owner at all – which would include a subset of PC users – this is the one you would buy. This [PS4 Pro] is the obvious choice.”
— Michael Pachter

Pachter’s sweeping generalizations and insulting comparisons aside, do you think PlayStation 4 Pro will have much success in competing with the PC market? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Daily Star

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