Yesterday, Nintendo legend and Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance during Apple’s iPhone 7 event. The longtime Nintendo creator took the stage to announce Super Mario Run—an upcoming Mario auto-runner for mobile devices, launching first on iOS this holiday season. The news almost immediately triggered a massive spike in Nintendo’s stock, and based on early projections from analysts, it’s not hard to see why.

Shortly after the reveal, Dr. Serkan Toto (analyst and CEO of Kantan Games) advised The Wall Street Journal that he expects
Super Mario Run will easily eclipse 1 billion downloads before it’s all said and done. The app is initially free to download, providing players with a demo version of the game, and a one-time payment (the price has not yet been disclosed) unlocks the full game.

Daniel Ahmad (analyst at Niko Partners) echoed Dr. Toto’s sentiments, pointing out that Temple Run and Subway Surfers have each been downloaded over 1 billion times each and asserting that Mario could certainly surpass them. Both agree that the app won’t reach 1 billion paid downloads, but Ahmad believes that many people will be enticed to buy the full product after playing the free demo.

Sources: Dr. Serkan Toto, Daniel Ahmad

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