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Android 17 is Finally Coming to FighterZ as a Standalone Character


For too long there has been an injustice in the world of
Dragon Ball FighterZ. The critically acclaimed anime-to-fighting-game adaptation has a star-studded cast of fantastic characters, but thus far a fan-favorite has been relegated to a supporting role. That’s changing soon. Thanks to the latest issue of V-Jump in Japan, we now have official confirmation that Android 17 is on the way to FighterZ as a standalone character.

While there’s no exact release date yet, we know that the cruise-loving badass will drop sometime later this month. When he does, he’ll cost you $4.99 as DLC. Android 17’s attacks include charging foes (both in the air and on the ground) with his Barrier Explosion, the multi-hit End Game attack that catches enemies from behind, and a meteor attack called Super Electric Strike.

On the same day as the paid DLC, the new Space Arena state will also be added for free. There will also be limited time Z Capsules stuffed with seasonal goodies like Halloween costumes, and you can get your hands on those until November.

Source: Ryokutya2089 (via Gematsu)


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