Animal Crossing has been in the public’s eyes since its two games, Happy Home Designer for 3DS and Amiibo Festival for Wii U, were showcased at E3. A full lineup of Animal Crossing Amiibo were also announced and shown. Many questions still remain about these games, however: What makes Happy Home Designer more unique than a normal Animal Crossing title? Will the Amiibo also play a role in Happy Home Designer? What can the new Amiibo do? What can we expect from the future of Animal Crossing? GamesBeat writer Mike Minotti got to answer these questions with director Aya Kyogoku during E3 last week.

Amiibo clearly have a role in
Amiibo Festival, but they will also play a part in Happy Home Designer, such as being able to make the Amiibo appear in your house and much more:

“That’s one of the functions of Amiibo, to be able to invite animals and create this scene where you can take a picture of a birthday party or a concert that’s going on. That’s one big aspect of the Amiibo function. To be sure, Happy Home Designer can be played without any Amiibo cards. The animals will hang around in front of Nook’s Homes thinking, oh, I want a house like this. You’ll talk to them and take on their requests and build their houses. But with the cards, you can reach out to animals in particular. You’ll be making a call and saying, hey, would you be interested in building a house with us? For a lot of Animal Crossing
fans, it’ll be great to be able to reach out to their favorite animal at will and come to build a house for them. That’s one feature. The second feature is, in the Animal Crossing series, there are two general types of animals. The ones that move into your town, they become residents, they become your neighbor, you develop a relationship with them. Then there are characters like Tom Nook or K.K. Slider who serve a special role in the game, but don’t necessarily live in your town. Using Amiibo cards you’re able to build a house for them as well, which is something new.”
— Aya Kyogoku

Kyogoku went on to discuss that Amiibo is influencing Animal Crossing to branch out into new territory:

“This time around, there’s obviously this new thing called Amiibo. The development team for Animal Crossing, we just really wanted Animal Crossing Amiibos. We thought it would be cute. We thought fans would be happy. In the past, Animal Crossing has only been Animal Crossing, but we thought that with the addition of Amiibo — how could we make an Animal Crossing game that would be fun by adding Amiibo features? What resulted was Happy Home Designer on 3DS and Amiibo Festival on the Wii U. This was a way to try different ways of playing Animal Crossing. We kept thinking, this idea might be fun, that idea might be fun. Eventually we ended up with these two different games. Amiibos are really cool figures, but beyond that, the biggest difference is the way they’re linked with gameplay. It’s important that there’s a game to go along with Amiibo. We felt like Amiibo could benefit from an Animal Crossing twist and Animal Crossing could really benefit from Amiibo as well.”
— Aya Kyogoku

There was further discussion about
Happy Home Designer as well, explaining that you will be able to customize your avatar and that new pieces of furniture can be unlocked as the game progresses. There was also a question asked about the infamous budget past Animal Crossing games have imposed on their players:

“No, we got rid of the idea of a budget. Whether to include one or not was something that we thought hard about and discussed amongst the development team. What we wanted to get out of this game was for the player to reflect their creativity in the game. We didn’t want any constraints from budgeting to be an issue. In real life, depending on the budget you had, you might have to give up on some things you wanted to see. We didn’t want that to happen in the game world as well.”
— Aya Kyogoku

It’s interesting to see the
Animal Crossing series expanding into new territory, but what does this mean for future games? I know I’m still hoping for a full-blown Animal Crossing on Wii U, and Kyogoku still sees this as a possibility:

“Obviously, as you said, we’re in full development for Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival. We’ve been focusing on that. When we think about Animal Crossing, including the main Animal Crossing series, as a development team we’re always thinking about what to do for the next installment. Whether that’ll be a cutout and an expansion of a certain feature or a full-blown Animal Crossing game, that hasn’t been decided yet, but as a team we’re constantly thinking about what we can do for the series in the future.”
— Aya Kyogoku

What do you think about the next two
Animal Crossing games and their Amiibo? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: GamesBeat

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