Marcus Beer is one of my favorite talking heads in the industry, because he just tells it like it is. He doesn’t hold back, and in many respects reminds me of an angrier version of Adam Sessler (who has notably opened up a lot more since getting out of the television industry). That being said, he makes some interesting points. For starters, BioShock Infinite‘s controls on the PC indeed appears to have some issues.  Now, the combat in general could certainly use some advancing.

It’s notable he isn’t complaining about the violence like so many have, but rather, that the combat itself needs more variety. Setting all that aside, he goes into some of the talk behind EA, Adam Orth, and other such folks saying things publicly that they really shouldn’t be. It’s true that EA is a bad video game company publicly. It’s also true they tend to take care of their own (as Marcus points out, they have equality benefits in place for same sex couples, and all that jazz). That being said, they definitely make a lot of PR gaffs and generally do things with certain games that they have no business doing.

Still, he makes a good point that the companies EA and we as consumers should be targeting are companies that make a difference in our lives. Be it Bank of America – who simply got away with giving away millions of dollars to people with bad credit and then got bailed out (contributing to the bad economy), or just fast food chains and the childhood obesity rates in America (It’s notable he doesn’t say “adults” can’t enjoy that stuff, but it is important we simply don’t let our children get fat).

In the end, a lot of great discussion points are brought up this week. What do you think?

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