Eiji Aonuma, the lead producer of the Zelda series, had his first directorial credit on a Zelda game in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. In a recent interview with GamesMaster magazine, Aonuma reminisced about the development of the title. He commented on how the short development time for the game contributed to its uniqueness.

Here’s the story, as recalled by Aonuma:

“At first we were told that we needed to start work on the original straight after Ocarina of Time, and that we needed to complete it in a year. Since we had to make a game that would be just as fun in such a short amount of time we needed to have some innovation that wasn’t in Ocarina of Time. Looking back now, I feel that innovation truly comes when you have to work under some kind of big pressure.” — Eiji Aonuma

Although Aonuma sounds proud of these innovations, they did cause him some concern:

“Since its release, no-one has really made anything similar, and I think the uniqueness of it is what has really allowed it to leave a lasting impression, even now, in the memories of fans. Saying that though, I was very worried at launch whether users would accept the game, precisely because of this uniqueness.” — Eiji Aonuma

Majora’s Mask is releasing on February 13 for 3DS as The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.

Source: GamesMaster (via Nintendo Everything)

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