Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall, stealth launched a new battle royale game last month, and the results have been staggering. Despite receiving no pre-launch hype or marketing (unless you count leaks hinting at its concept and gameplay), Apex Legends has quickly become a tremendous success in a crowded marketplace.

In fact, Apex Legends is growing at such a rapid pace that it just reached a major milestone much faster than other games in the genre. As of yesterday, Apex Legends has over 50 million registered players according to the game’s official Twitter account. To put this in perspective (as Daniel Ahmad calculated), Fortnite Battle Royale took 16 weeks to reach 45 million players, and Apex Legends just passed that up in four weeks.

Respawn founder Vince Zampella thanked players in a celebratory tweet and promised that “there’s much more to come!Apex Legends is truly off to an incredible start, so Respawn will no doubt be looking for ways to continue to improve and attract more players.

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