The recent news of Nintendo’s push towards mobile gaming has spawned numerous opinions from the gaming industry as well as the mainstream media. The mobile developer community responded to Nintendo’s announcement with almost universal praise. Rather than worrying about a gaming giant such as Nintendo entering the mobile arena, the developers seem to be welcoming the Big N with open arms.

“It’s great to see that more core game developers are taking mass market touch screens seriously as a primary gaming device. We’re all huge Nintendo fans and would love to see them do well on mobile! Having more AAA game developers enter the market is beneficial for both players and the industry as it raises the standards for quality. Nintendo has a huge opportunity to broaden their fan base, and also an enormous challenge in ensuring that their brand and in-game experience translates to mobile and tablets.”

Kristian Segerstrale, COO of Super Evil Megacorp

“Nintendo’s move to mobile is another validation of the rapid acceleration of the mobile game market. The devices we carry in our pockets have the computing power of consoles. You play mobile games whenever you want, wherever you want, on your time and your terms. The companies offering consumer-favorite IP with AAA high fidelity console quality gameplay on mobile devices will be the winners. Kabam welcomes Nintendo to the battle for consumers’ hearts on mobile devices.”
— Kent Wakeford, COO of Kabam

“Nintendo’s investment and partnership with DeNA gives Nintendo a way to satisfy investors and experiment in the mobile market — and it gives DeNA a way to move beyond Zynga’s fast-follow model into higher quality game design with household brands.”

Michael Agustin, COO of Weaver Labs

“I’ve been a Nintendo lover since 1985, and I always wished that there were other ways I could play their games. Knowing that Mario is now coming to my smartphone, I can’t begin to express my excitement. It seems likely that all the original Nintendo titles will be exclusive to the NX device unless Nintendo decides to open its titles to all other platforms, which will allow it to gain a stronger foothold into the mobile game industry. This is a great move, but it could also be dangerous because it’s a completely new venture for Nintendo. However, considering that most of the big game development companies are getting into mobile, so should Nintendo. Imagine playing Zelda on a smartphone? Now that’s a dream come true.”

Ahmed Bukhatir, CEO of Woweez

It’s good to know that mobile developers are seeing this as a positive, rather than a threat. Do you believe that Nintendo joining the mobile world will be good for business? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Games Industry

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