Following the controversy going on in the United States at the moment regarding the Confederate flag, Apple has decided to take action and delete any apps from the App Store that include the Confederate flag in any capacity. This includes any and all games based on the American Civil War, such as Ultimate General: Gettysburg and the Hunted Cow series. It’s worth noting that most of these games aren’t serving as racist propaganda in any way; in almost every case, the use of the flag is about portraying the Civil War with historical accuracy.

If you have been following the news lately, you’re probably aware of the debate going on in the United States right now regarding the Confederate Flag. After the mass shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, where nine African-American civilians were shot and killed in a church as an act of domestic terrorism, many people have been protesting the use of the Confederate flag in the country, which still hangs over many monuments and government buildings in South Carolina. While some see it as a demonstration of patriotism and tradition, many others see it as a symbol of the white supremacy that the Confederacy used to stand for and think it is appalling that the flag is still prominent in today’s society.

Apple has released many statements about their actions. To the developers behind the games that were taken down, a simple message was sent to them telling them that their games were removed “…because they include images of the confederate flag used in offensive and mean-spirited ways, which is in violation of our guidelines.” Apple is currently working hard to put the games back online, but it looks like developers will have to remove or replace the Confederate flag before they can be put back on the App Store. Certain companies, such as HexWar Games, will be re-submitting their games using the lesser-known design of the Confederate flag from 1861, but even then there is no certainty that the games will be allowed.

What do you guys think? Is Apple right to do this, or is this a little too extreme? Personally, while I believe that the Confederate flag is obviously still a horrible symbol of white supremacy and institutional racism, and that it should be taken down from any government buildings and such, I think this action from Apple is going a bit too far. Civil War-themed games aren’t spreading racist propaganda or supporting the Confederacy in any way; they’re just using the flag to represent an actual army in a realistic way.

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Source: Touch Arcade (via NeoGAF)

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