Batman: Return to Arkham was delayed for months in order to give the development team more time to polish the games up, but many customers are still dissatisfied with the finished product. The games feature improved visuals, but frame rates are inconsistent, leading to an experience that’s not very smooth. Digital Foundry decided to analyze the performance of the Arkham City remaster, comparing PlayStation 4 and Xbox One side by side, and their analysis video shows just how up and down the frame rate is throughout.

The PlayStation 4 version typically outperforms the Xbox One version by a very small margin during gameplay, but the difference is far more substantial (up to 16 frames per second) during cutscenes. Warner Bros. chose not to cap the frame rate at 30, so it typically hovers in the mid-30s during gameplay, but it can shoot up as high as 60 or drop into the low 20s at various points. You can check out their full analysis by clicking above.

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