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Challenger Approaching: Mewtwo


Super Smash Bros. is any Nintendo fan’s dream game. From characters to stages, to music, to everything else, Smash is the ultimate celebration of Nintendo’s past and present. But what about Smash‘s future? That’s what Challenger Approaching is all about.

Every weekend, Chris London and I will present our thoughts on new characters, stages, items, and anything else for the next installment in the Super Smash Bros. series. Here at Gamnesia, we assemble an in-depth profile for every character we suggest. For this entry in this ambitious series, we’ve assembled a profile for Mewtwo, the legendary clone Pokémon. But don’t think our analysis stops at just the character—there’s plenty more to be seen. Keep reading to see why Mewtwo has earned a spot among Nintendo’s finest in the next game’s roster and what his inclusion would do for the next Super Smash Bros.


Mewtwo is the most powerful Pokémon from the first entry in one of Nintendo’s greatest cultural icons, Pokémon. After defeating the Elite Four and becoming the champion of the Pokémon League, players of Red and Blue Versions were granted access to Cerulean Cave, where they could face the most intimidating beast hardly known to man.

According to the diaries found in the Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, a Pokémon named Mew was discovered in South America and brought back to the Kanto region, where the explorer who discovered it, Dr. Fuji, quickly learned that Mew was pregnant. Dr. Fuji decided to perform horrific genetic experiments on this embryo in attempt to create the most powerful Pokémon in the world. While successful in this regard, he inadvertently created a vicious, enraged beast with “the most savage heart among Pokémon.” Mewtwo then escaped from and its residential prison, destroying the home and laboratory of its creator before fleeing to solitude deep beneath the Earth.

Mewtwo is one of the first five legendary Pokémon from the Generation I of Nintendo’s multibillion dollar franchise. Having the highest base stats and a then-broken elemental typing, Mewtwo was the most powerful Pokémon upon its introduction. Because of its raw power and vendetta against humanity, Mewtwo is the most malevolent Pokémon the series has ever devised.

All this considered, Mewtwo is not only one of the most significant Pokémon in the series’ canon, but one that also holds a strong place in the hearts and minds of series fans. According to a massive poll from IGN, Mewtwo is still the second most popular Pokémon in the entire franchise among fans, above even Pikachu. Braxton ‘Skotein’ Burks, creator of Pokémon Reorchestrated, is arranging a mini-album chronicling the events of Mewtwo’s creation, which is but one of the many fan-made testaments to the thriving memory of this genetically engineered icon.

While newer generations of Pokémon have had mascots who can potentially represent their games in Smash, their popularity as a whole has been dwindling while Mewtwo’s devoted following still stands tall after seventeen years. While Lucario was met with huge praise in 2007, its fame has since waned. Its spiritual successor, Zoroark, had only a brief moment in the spotlight. The newest games, Pokémon X and Y Versions, don’t even have an equivalent to the apparent tradition of bipedal pseudo-legendaries revealed before any other new creatures.

Due to his incredible status, Mewtwo made its way into the Super Smash Bros. series in its second installment, Melee, in 2001. While it was originally planned to be included once more come 2008’s Brawl among the rest of “The Forbidden Seven,” it was eventually cut from the roster for what many assume to be time constraints. Being a series veteran, it is only natural that Mewtwo’s playstyle would ‘evolve,’ if you will, form his inclusion in Melee—that is, a heavy character with a graceful, floating presence as if flicking himself through the air. Though ultimately slow, Mewtwo has several fast, weak moves to stop fast opponents in their tracks, while boasting several powerful attacks to send assailants flying. After breaking the Smash Ball, Mewtwo would be able to use Psystrike, its signature move introduced in Pokémon Black and White Versions to unleash a final blow burst of power upon the rest of the fight. Should Smash 4 include a story mode, Mewtwo would undoubtedly play a role in the game’s league of evil, possibly being manipulated by a higher power as the ultimate weapon of destruction. An interesting twist could occur when the tool breaks free from the craftsman and seeks to destroy its torturing hand.

The decision not to include Mewtwo in the biggest celebration of Nintendo’s history to date ignited a flurry of backlash from Smash and Pokémon fans alike, which ultimately led to “Project Mewtwo,” one of several hacks that squeeze the savage beast back into Brawl. As ten minutes browsing internet forums and polls will show you, Mewtwo is the most widely requested and most narrowly contested addition to the Super Smash Bros. roster among the vocal fans, taking precedent even over any newcomer to the series, which only reinforces its claim to stardom and further proves that now is the perfect time to reintroduce it to the realm of Super Smash Bros.


Alongside the traditional arena designed specifically for battling Pokémon, the series always gets at least one stage devoted to the locational aspect of the games. Alongside the inevitable “Pokémon Colosseum,” the perfect stage for fighters would be Pokémon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. Pokémon Mansion is the birthplace of Mewtwo and was once the home of Dr. Fuji before it was subjected to terrible destruction at the hands of the proprietor’s own creation. Being the setting for nearly all of Mewtwo’s horrifying narrative and still commemorating its honor with statues in its name amidst the rubble, Pokémon Mansion is the perfect stage to represent Mewtwo in the next Super Smash Bros.

In the original Red and Blue Versions, players stumble across the charred remains of Pokémon Mansion long after Mewtwo’s climactic escape, but in Super Smash Bros., players could experience the mansion’s dramatic ruination. Beginning in its full, illustrious form, as the fight rages on, the mansion would begin to crumble and catch fire, placing fighters right inside Cinnabar Island’s terrible legend. While combatants make their way around the beautiful estate, fire would spread until it engulfs the whole mansion, bringing down falling cinders and rubble for players to heed during their battle. Not only would this make a wonderful way to represent Mewtwo and an interesting stage on which to fight, but the drama of the scene and the bright, vibrant fire would make this stage among the most riveting and gorgeous of the entire series thus far.


Music is always an important factor for a Super Smash Bros. stage, and now is no different. We’ve chosen a handful of songs originating in various story climaxes of the Pokémon series, antagonistic or haunting scenarios, and of course Mewtwo himself.

Pokémon Gold and Silver introduced several memorable dungeon themes ranging from eerie to delightful, many of which would fit right in at the Pokémon Mansion. In addition to the songs listed above, we’ve decided that Pokémon Mansion should include several of these themes arranged into one fast-paced medley drawing from “Burned Tower,” “Tin Tower” “Olivine Lighthouse,” “Team Rocket’s Hideout,” “Ruins of Alph,” and “Dragon’s Den.”


Would you like to see Mewtwo make a triumphant return to the Super Smash Bros. limelight, or would you prefer it step aside for a newer Pokémon to take its place? If it returns, would you like a similar playstyle to Melee or an all-new, completely reimagined moveset? How would you like to see Mewtwo affect the game’s story mode? Would you like to battle in the burning Pokémon Mansion, or would you sooner see a completely new idea, like Poké Floats.

Who would you like us to profile in the next installment of Challenger Approaching? It may not be long before you see your favorite character featured here at Gamnesia, so check back often and be sure to make your opinions heard!

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