One of our favorite parts of Gamnesia is Community Night, and this week will be quite a special one indeed! We will be looking at a couple of Early Access titles. At 3:00 PM EST today, we will fire off Community Night in style with Besiege, a wacky physics puzzler that has been described as, “Kerbal Space Program for psychopaths”. If time permits, we might even switch over to Heroes of the Storm.

This may not seem like much of a Community Night, especially if you live in America, but bear with me. At 7 PM EST, Colin McIsaac, our beloved Editor-in-Chief, is taking over the stream to play The Amazing Frog, another Early Access game with wacky physics.

Here’s a handy link to our Twitch channel, and do not forget to follow us on Twitch to receive notifications when we go live!

Our Verdict

Nikola Katardjiev
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