Not long ago, we at Gamnesia launched a news recap show: a weekly video in which we cover the last week’s worth of gaming news with a bit of comedy flair. The show has been running for four episodes now, but the trouble is, we still don’t have a name! But this week, the show is on hiatus so that I have time to review Hyrule Warriors, which just launched today, so it’s a perfect opportunity to spend some time off of production and just brainstorm. So we’re hoping you guys would share your ideas!

We haven’t been able to think of a name that we all really love, and so we’re hoping you guys could share your ideas. Personally, I’m thinking of calling it “Regame,” a name suggested by a fan in the comments of the very first video. It’s nice, succinct, and it implies the purpose of the show in its name. But again, like I said, we haven’t heard a name that really grabs us immediately, and while “Regame” is nice, it doesn’t have that shazam that we’re hoping to find.

So, what do you guys think? Do you have any ideas for the name of our show? What do you think of the name “Regame?” The show is inspired in part by Jon Stewart and John Oliver’s programs, so perhaps even something more along the lines of “The Daily Show” could work. Please let us know in the comments—we’re happy to hear from you!

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