As yesterday’s Nintendo Direct trailer shows, Super Mario 3D World is shaping up to be a gorgeous game. During the trailer, numerous new details were discovered: fairy-looking beings known as Sprixies were hinted to play a major role in the game, new power-ups were shown (like the Double Cherry, which creates doubles of a character when eaten), and the Tanooki and Boomerang Suits make a reappearance from its prequel, Super Mario 3D Land. And it just keeps getting better for returning power-ups, like New Super Mario Bros.‘ Mega Mushroom, which was confirmed today among the 26 new pieces of 3D Artwork.

All of the images are handily compiled into the gallery below, which includes the 7 Fairies (could they be representing the various worlds Mario and the gang have to complete?), and the never-before-seen Cat Goomba enemy.

The Mega Mushroom has also appeared in New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Kart Wii and is assumed to have the same stage-stomping function, but no details are confirmed as of now other than the artwork. It can be viewed, along with all confirmed power-ups, fairies and more, below!

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