Game Freak just released Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee into the wild, and millions around the world are touring Kanto and capturing monsters left and right. Series producer Junichi Masuda has previously indicated that if the games are successful, they could become a continuing series, existing alongside the more “core” entries in the franchise. Now that you’ve had time to go hands-on or at least watch footage, do you think Game Freak should keep making Let’s Go games?

From a business standpoint, it’s an easy yes. I’ve previously expressed that Let’s Go is one of the best ideas Game Freak has ever had, and I still believe that’s true. However, the twin games aren’t without flaws, and many of them relate to the GO-inspired mechanics. While I don’t think they should be scrapped (especially if Game Freak wants to keep converting GO players), they at least need some tweaking.

The internet has plenty of mixed opinions on the games, but one shared by many is that playing without motion controls, with a more standard controller, should be an option. It makes the game more accessible to people with injuries or disabilities, as well as to those who just aren’t a fan of motion controls.

My biggest issue with the game is probably the heavy emphasis on luck. Without the ability to paralyze or injure wild Pokémon, I’ve wasted countless Great Balls and Ultra Balls landing Great and Excellent throws and getting nothing to show for it. A lot of this frustration could be alleviated by making berries more common and more effective, and by reducing (or eliminating) the rate at which wild Pokémon bat your throws away or just run away altogether.

Game Freak has a money maker on their hands that they can easily keep going for years to come. If they make a few tweaks to keep things more user-friendly, they can count on me being along for the ride.

Ben Lamoreux


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