To quote my handsome coworker Nikola Katardjiev, the Curious Case of SoulCalibur II HD Online continues. Initially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con in July for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, the game had an unsuccessful fan demand campaign
on Masaaki Hoshino’s Twitter to make it onto the Wii U eShop for the guest
character, Link. Furthermore, November 20, 2013 will be the date for
the diary to relive the 11 year old fighter in HD.

As an added bonus, PlayStation 3 owners in North America will be able to download the game on November 19th, a day earlier, at $19.99, with Xbox Americans and the UK available to purchase a day later.

Oddly enough, in the UK the PlayStation 3 version is £1.50 more expensive at £14.99, as opposed to the Xbox 360’s £13.49 British price tag. Both versions are identical in terms of exclusives. Spawn, the eponymous comic character, and Heihachi, Namco’s fellow fighter Tekken‘s guest character, were Xbox and PlayStation 2 exclusives respectively back in 2002, but now are available on both versions, with former GameCube guest character Link of The Legend of Zelda fame absent.

Do you still have hope for SoulCalibur II HD Online with Link on Wii U? Does the varying British pricings affect your purchase? Or are you just elated to see Tekken‘s strongman head up against Todd McFarlane’s fictional fighter? Be sure to square off down below!

Source: GameSpot

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