Dragon Ball Super‘s run has sadly come to an end after 131 episodes, but that doesn’t mean the story is finished. We believe there’s a strong chance that the latest iteration of the hit anime franchise will return after a hiatus of a year or so. If and when it does, it’s got some pretty big questions to answer. In the meantime, we’ve got some theories of our own!

What is Vegeta’s New Form?

Dragon Ball Super introduced numerous new transformations throughout its five major story arcs, but the show wasn’t exactly on the ball when it came to explaining them. Little information is given to clarify the existence of new forms, like the one achieved by Trunks in his fight with Zamasu and Goku Black or the berserker form unlocked by Kale prior to the Tournament of Power.

Perhaps the most perplexing new form of all is the one belonging to the Saiyan prince, Vegeta. While both Goku and Vegeta are capable of harnessing the power of the gods by transforming into Super Saiyan Blue (another form which is only loosely explained), only Vegeta managed to unlock the darker blue form seen near the end of the final season. But what is this new form, how was it achieved, and what sort of power does it carry?

According to
Dragon Ball Heroes, Vegeta’s shiny new look is officially called “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution.” The regular Blue form was briefly referred to as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (SSGSS), so it’s possible that this new form will eventually be shortened to Super Saiyan Blue Evolution… It’s really for the best.

Beyond its mouthful of a name, we don’t really know anything about the Evolution form, except that it’s extremely powerful. Fans have theorized that it could be the Blue equivalent of Super Saiyan 2, or perhaps a fully mastered version of Super Saiyan Blue.

There is some precedent for a Mastered Blue in the manga, but it doesn’t manifest itself in the same way as what we see in the anime. During Goku’s battle with Fused Zamasu he is briefly able to power up to 100% in Super Saiyan Blue without allowing any of his ki to escape his body. It’s extremely strenuous on his body, and he can’t hold it for long, but Vegeta takes note. Later, Vegeta trains intensely with Whis until he too can internally contain his ki at 100% of Super Saiyan Blue’s power. Just before the Tournament of Power, Vegeta even manages to surpass Goku’s ability to to maintain this mastered version of Blue.

A parallel can certainly be drawn between Mastered Blue in the manga and Vegeta’s new form, but there’s one major difference. Because the manga’s Mastered Blue form is achieved by keeping fully-powered Blue ki inside, it doesn’t give off any aura whatsoever. The Evolution form is frequently surrounded by a deep blue aura, so it can’t quite be the same.

Who is Zalama?

Another mystery in
Dragon Ball Super is the identity and backstory of a character that should, by all logic, be one of the most powerful and important beings in all of the history of the multiverse. Dragon Balls themselves are capable of incredible magic, but their power isn’t limitless. The dragon summoned by gathering all seven orbs together can grant wishes, but the scope of those wishes cannot exceed the power of the one who created the Dragon Balls.

This is important when you take the Super Dragon Balls into consideration, because the dragon they summon has no limitations on its power whatsoever. If Super Shenron can revive multiple universes that were completely erased from existence in the blink of an eye, just how strong is his creator? What type of being can undo destruction caused by Zeno himself?

We don’t know the answer to that, but we do have some clues. According to
a monologue from the knowledgeable Zuno, the Super Dragon Balls were created by the Dragon God Zalama in Year 41 of the Divine Calendar. These planet-sized orbs have been around for a long time. In fact, aside from Buu existing “since time immemorial,” Zalama crafting the Super Dragon Balls is the oldest known event in the history of the multiverse. He then programmed the magic orbs to disperse throughout Universe 6 and Universe 7 whenever they are used. Gods typically stick to their own universe unless they have some business in the territory of another, so distributing his powerful creations across two universes is rather unique behavior.

So who could be that old, that powerful, and that involved in multiple universes? One possibility is that he is essentially a counterbalance to Zeno. We’re told that Zeno alone rules as the supreme being of the multiverse, but is that the whole truth?

Each universe has a trio of divine overseers: A Supreme Kai (or a council of multiple Supreme Kais), a God of Destruction, and an angel. The Supreme Kai and God of Destruction are two sides of the same coin. The Kais create, the Gods of Destruction… well, destroy. The two are soul bound, and if one dies the other will perish as well. Together, they balance each other out and maintain order in their universe. Meanwhile, the angel is an attendant to the God of Destruction, filling the roles of both humble servant and wise teacher.

Above all of the universes and their divine hierarchies reigns Zeno alone, or so we’re told. However, the relationship between Grand Priest and Zeno seems virtually identical to what we see between angels and Gods of Destruction. If you follow this line of logic, you’ll realize we’ve never once seen Zeno create anything. We’ve seen him destroy people he doesn’t like. We’ve seen him destroy planets as part of a childish game. We’ve seen him erase entire universes before our eyes, and we’re told that he’s done it to six other universes in the past. Even when he erases all of reality in Future Trunks’ timeline, we get no indication that he has any intent of filling that void back up. Instead, he simply floats aimlessly through the nothingness.

If Zeno serves the role of God of Destruction (under the angelic eye of Grand Priest) for the entire multiverse, there must be a creator to balance him out. If Zalama’s power is great enough that he can restore eight universes at once, I can’t think of a better candidate. Let’s hope
Dragon Ball explores the story of Zalama in the future.

What are Frieza’s Ambitions?

Oh, Frieza, you crafty devil. Within seconds of being resurrected for the Tournament of Power he was sucker-punching Goku, and just minutes later he attempted to betray his entire universe. You gotta love him. Which is why I’m surprised that we didn’t get to see Frieza act out the kind of nefarious plan that would send a chill down the spines of the Gods themselves.

Just prior to entering the tournament (right around the time Frieza traps Goku inside a blast of energy from a God of Destruction), Frieza comes to a realization about the rulers of reality. With his new and improved Gold transformation fueling him and the Tournament of Power as his stage, Frieza declares he’s ready to manipulate the Gods.

Unfortunately, he never gets this chance. We get to see him manipulate Universe 6’s Frost early on, but the latter half of the tournament sees him repeatedly reviving Goku and sacrificing himself to give others a breather. Some may see this as the beginning of a redemption arc for the self-proclaimed Emperor of the Universe, but I see it as a calculation. I don’t believe Frieza has given up his divine ambitions, but he’s smart enough to see the big picture and know that those “noble” actions were necessary to prevent his erasure.

Long-term I can’t see Frieza being satisfied with anything other than supremacy over the multiverse. Now that he’s seen the peak of the mountain, I doubt anything will stop his drive to climb. Of course, he’s got a long way to go, seeing as he can’t even best Goku or Vegeta. If Frieza wants to shoot for a more attainable goal in the short term, he should set his sights on Beerus’ job.

It’s no secret that Universe 7’s God of Destruction, as great of a character as he is, is lousy at his job. To Beerus, being God of Destruction means taking decades-long naps and destroying planets at random when you wake up. Whis has often chastised Beerus for his laziness, and he has repeatedly pushed both Goku and Vegeta to surpass Beerus in power and challenge him for his job. The manga even shows that Beerus is despised by most of the Gods of other universes. While the audience may disagree, few in the
Dragon Ball multiverse would consider Beerus’ downfall to be lamentable. Frieza even has experience in the role, as Beerus has previously used Frieza as his instrument of destruction.

You may not think Whis would stand for someone as evil as Frieza serving as God of Destruction, but Beerus hasn’t exactly been a benevolent ruler. Whis also seems to have warmed up to the villain somewhat by the end of the tournament. Besides, if Frieza ever oversteps his bounds and destroys beyond what the universe can sustain, Goku and Vegeta are sure to respond.

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