Over 20 years after the series made its debut, Pokémon is finally getting its first official live-action movie, but it’s not following the formula of the main series games. Instead, Hollywood turned to a little-known Nintendo 3DS spin-off game called Detective Pikachu. We’ve known that a film adaptation has been in the works for quite some time, but yesterday we finally got our first look at the movie, including Ryan Reynolds as a talking, crime-solving Pikachu. Was it everything you were hoping for, nightmare fuel, or something else entirely?

I was skeptical when the team behind the film began talking about “hyper-realistic” Pokémon, and seeing them for the first time was definitely a bit jarring at first. However, by the end of the trailer, I felt like I could get pretty comfortable in the Pokémon world crafted by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary. Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu is an interesting choice (sorry, Danny DeVito fans), and I think he works pretty well.

By choosing to go with Detective Pikachu, instead of a more standard Pokémon game, they can also avoid focusing on the concept of what essentially boils down to professional animal fights. Given the realistic look, it might be hard to pitch a script about little kids having their pets battle like in the games.

Overall, I think it looks like a fun movie. I’m not expecting a masterpiece by any means, but it should bring a lot of joy to children and children at heart around the globe. Do you feel the same, or do you have another take? Sound off in the comments!