Assassin’s Creed III has seen its fair share of criticism since its release, with fans bringing up the issue that the game feels disjointed. Recently, a Reddit user made a post wondering just what had happened during the game’s development.

Fellow user PreludesAndNocturnes responded to the post, saying that he or she had “worked on it unfortunately.” Before the criticism, the person noted that he or she only worked on the single player mode, and cherished the time spent working on the game.

“Without going into too much details, basically because
of ridiculously unrealistic expectations and constantly tacked on
features by producers / the creative team, it became literally
impossible to get everything done with just Ubi Montreal.”

The poster says that “resources were constantly stolen for work on
Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3
.” He or she describes the coordination—or lack thereof—between the Ubisoft studios that helped with the game.

“Almost everybody on the bottom knew that the Desmond missions were a
disgrace. Why? Because a B-team filled with new
hires and the least talent handled all production of the Desmond
content, and they were rarely in communication with the main gameplay
teams. But we couldn’t really say anything, and the higher ups basically
stuck their fingers in their ears and convinced themselves that they
were amazing.”

The developer goes on to mention that the homestead economy, weapon crafting, hunting, and board games were “heavily ignored til the very end of development, and no time was given to polish them or make them cohesive.” The person touches on performance issues, as well, saying the AnvilNext engine was “pretty much designed with next-gen consoles and future pc tech in mind, so it was super inefficient on PS3/360.

For those of you that think the post and poster are being hard on the game and its developers, an edit to the post was made later, saying that certain things were “blatantly exaggerated,” and that it was written “in a fit of frustration in like 2 minutes.” Ubisoft Montreal lead writer Darby McDevitt posted a response, but later deleted it. The poster of the rant went on to apologize to McDevitt and Ubisoft as a whole.

“I feel I may have been in the wrong to go off on a rant, even if I
thought it would remain obscure. I didn’t mean to knock Ubisoft either
as a brand or as a team of human beings (who obviously deserve my
respect). I have no doubt that every single man and woman at Ubi did their
absolute best on that project, and will continue to do so on future
projects. No one was actively trying to cause harm. And obviously the
industry and the medium is just really tough, but we do it because we
love it.”

McDevitt tweeted after all of it, saying, “Lots of falsehoods in that one. I don’t doubt that was his impression of things, but he’s getting big facts wrong.”

Whether you love or hate the game, some of these points that were made certainly give insight into the development of
Assassin’s Creed III.

Source: IGN

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