Another trailer for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag has come out today, depicting what happened during the later years of the Golden Age of Piracy. It’s an interesting backdrop for any game, pirating/assassinating game or not. I’m interested what they will do with it, and how it’ll affect Edward Kenway, our new protagonist. And Blackbeard is awesome in any form of media he appears in.

Do you like pirates? Are you looking forward to assassinating other pirates? Share in the comments!

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Harold Teekman
I love video games. That's why I write about them. My first console was the Nintendo 64 and we got it when I was 4, along with Super Mario 64. I finished the game on my own when I was 6. One of my all time favorites of that generation is Donkey Kong 64. I love the bosses, I love the level designs, I love how you can play with multiple characters, and I love how many collectibles there are. I was mostly a Nintendo gamer until 2010, when I discovered Assassin's Creed. My PC could barely run it, but it played good enough to provide an amazing experience. Since then I've had a lot of catching up to do, and I'm now a big fan of Mass Effect, Dead Space, Resident Evil and the Batman: Arkham games, among others.


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