Nintendo Switch has enjoyed significantly stronger third-party support than Wii U, but there are still some titles that the hybrid console just can’t run under normal circumstances. This has led some developers to experiment with cloud-based versions of games in Japan, allowing Switch owners access to games that need a little extra power.
Resident Evil VII began streaming on Switch in Japan
back in May, and soon another AAA game will be joining it.

Japan got a slightly different version of the recent Nintendo Direct that included some exclusive announcements. Among them was the revelation that Ubisoft is bringing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Cloud Version to Switch on October 5th. Instead of buying the game outright, players pay to stream it for a set amount of time. The pricing model is fairly aggressive, at ¥730 (around $6.50) per day, or ¥8,400 (around $75) to have it for two years. At this time there are no plans for it to be made available outside of Japan.

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