Earlier this month, Atari showed off a new trailer for their upcoming RollerCoaster Tycoon World. Many fans like myself were excited to once again experience the thrill of building your own theme park, with the weirdly satisfying happiness of managing finances, only to be crushed by how absolutely atrocious it looked. With gameplay reminiscent of the early 2000’s, the trailer caused a lot of disappointment in the community.

Luckily, Atari noticed the outrage from their fans and put together an explanation of what they showed us, with some handy information, including the fact that the game hadn’t even hit its alpha stage yet.

Here’s some of the encouraging words they said about the trailer:

“Our intention in releasing our pre-alpha gameplay as a trailer was to show that there is progress being made. RollerCoaster Tycoon has meant so much to so many people over the years, and it’s entirely your prerogative to feel protective of the franchise, just as it’s ours to assure you that it’s in good hands. Our hope in releasing the trailer in its current state was to offer some reassurance that gameplay and features were coming along.”
— Atari

After announcing an upgrade to Unity 5.0, they also detailed some improvements that would come with it:

“Regarding the current state of game graphics, we have been exploring prototypes for a while and are happy to announce we will be upgrading to the Unity 5 Engine. We hope to be able to share the results of the upgrade by this summer. We hope to take full advantage of the many new environmental, lighting, and shadow improvements as well as many other features in our original Unity 4.6-based engine to create a game that looks great. Our early results are extremely promising. We know that today these words must ring hollow, but trust that we are doing everything we can to make the game look excellent.”
— Atari

And promising a finished project, they assured us that they will take their time with development, but they also hope for a 2015 release:

“We will not release the game until we know that it is truly ready. If the game needs to be “put back into the oven,” then we will do it. We have waited for more than 10 years for the next great edition of RCT, and we plan to take the franchise to new heights with RCTW. We will take the time required to achieve that goal. We will communicate on the expected release of RCTW later this year. The team needs the time to craft the experience that so many of you have been waiting so patiently for.”
— Atari

What do you think about this? Do you think we can trust Atari in making a quality product, or are they simply backpeddling to cover their asses? Hit the comments to let us know!

Source: RollerCoaster Tycoon Development Blog

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