Announced in Famitsu magazine,
Etrian Odyssey V will finally be launching on 3DS in Japan on August 4. While precedent tells us not to expect Western releases until next year, we’ve finally been given our first look at the game and its new features. EOV will introduce the new land of Arcadia, inhabited by four races: the Arslan (human-like), Lunaria (elf-like), Brani (dwarf-like), and Cerian (has beast-like ears). Races are tied to class in this game. You can find the list of classes announced so far, along with the race tied to them, below:

  • Fencer (Arslan)
  • Dragoon (Arslan)
  • Cestus (Arslan)
  • Reaper (Arslan)
  • Necromancer (Lunaria)
  • Warlock (Lunaria)
  • Warrior (Cerian)
  • Hound (Cerian)
  • Herbalist (Brani)
  • Shaman (Brani)

The Hound class is said to be for characters who command pets in combat. Along with the new races comes an overhauled character creator that lets players to customize colors on their characters, even allowing the creation of characters with heterochromic eyes. Character design is once again the work of Yuji Himukai. Another new feature provided by this system is a choice of voice actor. The VAs listed below will lend their talents to the Japanese version of the game:

Shouta Aoi, Satomi Arai, Akira Ishida, Toru Okawa, Ayaka Ohashi, Yoshihisa Kawahara, Misaki Kuno, Mitsuki Saiga, Takuya Satou, Asami Seto, Atsuko Tanaka, Kosuke Toriumi, Joji Nakata, Kaori Nazuka, Natsuki Hanae, Saori Hayami, Megumi Han, Yoko Hikasa, Rina Hidaka, Yui Horie, Ayumu Murase, and Tsubasa Yonaga.

Development of the game is said to be 60 percent complete. You can read comments from director Shigeo Komori below:

  • The concept for the latest game is character customization with a high degree of freedom and dungeon exploration that tickles your adventurous spirit, as well as consistent battles and growth.
  • With the new races never seen in previous games, you can make a completely new character.
  • Voices are also introduced. However, similar to previous games, people who want to play without voices can choose to do so.
  • The Hound class is named for the pets it is able to use.
  • Dungeon exploration’s table talk RPG-ness has been enhanced.
  • The map on the lower screen, as well as the icons and controls have been improved.
  • The sub-classes of Etrian Odyssey III and IV, and the Grimoires of Etrian Odyssey Untold made it so you could make a team with no weak points. This one is being designed so that it’s harder to make a well-rounded team; all the classes have very specific roles, like in the first Etrian Odyssey.

On March 5, Atlus will host a
NicoNico broadcast that promises to unveil the first trailer for the game. You can see images of the game and its new races in a super-tiny Famitsu teaser in the gallery.

Source: Famitsu (via Gematsu)

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