You know that awesome PlayStation 4 trailer that has been circulating the internet? You know, the really cool one that has been getting you pumped up for Sony’s new console? Yeah? Well it’s fake. Don’t feel to bad if you were fooled by the teaser, after all it does look professionally made… Except it isn’t. With E3 fast approaching it is easy to believe anything that is being thrown at you. However, with some research it soon becomes apparent that every shot included in the teaser can be found elsewhere online. The game shown in the teaser is the already-announced PlayStation 4 game Infamous: Second Son.

This falsified teaser could either be the work of a fan vying for the attention of the internet or MOFILM, a firm Sony recently hired to handle crowd-sourced advertising. A Sony American division representative has confirmed that this is not an official clip.  As it was neither produced or released by them. Looks like you all will have to wait to finally see the PlayStation 4 body.

What do you think of this faked trailer? Did you believe it?

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Michelle Wetherbee
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