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Batman Blowout: Arkham Origins Gameplay Details, Trailer, Preorder DLC


As promised, Warner Bros. dropped a massive amount of new Batman: Arkham Origins information on us today, including new gameplay and story details, a brand new trailer, and information about a new playable character, available via preorder DLC.

The trailer tells us a lot about the story and style of the prequel, so we’ll have a full rundown of the trailer’s details and more after the jump.

Follow at your own risk; spoilers ahead.

  • On Christmas Eve, the Joker sets off a series of explosives tied to a nearby building
  • Batman has been disarmed and stunned by a more true-to-the-comics Bane
  • Joker is voiced by Troy Baker
  • The Joker taunts the Dark Knight before detonating his trap
  • Batman can’t do anything as he watches the building crumble
  • Batman is voiced by Roger Craig Smith (Ezio, Sonic, and Chris Redfield)
  • Batman is more primal, more vicious
  • He has an armor style that closer resembles Christopher Nolan’s films
  • Story focuses on Black Mask hiring eight assassins, including Deathstroke and Deadshot, to kill Batman
  • The police, lead by Commissioner Loeb, will pursue the Dark Knight
  • Includes grappling, gliding, perching atop gargoyles, ambushing thugs, and maneuvering around Gotham
  • The fluid and flexible combat system returns
  • Includes a tracking system to help players assess the efficiency of their combat
  • Experience points flow into a branching upgrade system
  • They are still awarded based on chaining hits into lengthy combos
  • New enemies include a martial artist thug
  • Sidequests appear via a radio scanner that helps track criminal activity
  • ‘Most Wanted System’ allows Batman to hunt villains like Anarchy
  • These characters have stories and motivations that are separate from the main story
  • Detective Mode is used to track observations and discoveries
  • When an assassin’s bullet disables a police helicopter causing it to crash, Batman is able to deduce that a nearby SWAT sniper wasn’t responsible
  • Tracing the source of the bullet seems to indicate that Deadshot was involved
  • Fast-travel system is being implemented
  • Remote Claw can attach to two points or enemies and pull them together
  • Deathstroke will be a playable challenge character via preorder DLC

So, what do you make of the rumors? Exciting? Underwhelming? Sound off below!

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