It looks as though many publishers are going through a rebirth-type phase, considering the lives of their many franchises and looking into the next generation. This means that companies like Electronic Arts are paying a lot of attention to the sales numbers for their games. For EA in particular, the Dead Space and Crysis franchises are being monitored closely, and the outlook isn’t too bright according to the company’s financial call on May 7th. CFO Blake Jorgensen said that both Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 did not meet sales expectations, but no numbers were released by the company. This is bad news for EA who expected Dead Space 3 sales to be strong, especially considering the success of Dead Space 2 following the original.

Although EA is reluctant to give numbers, NPD says that Dead Space 3 unit sales were only two percent lower than Dead Space 2 when comparing the per day average. So, even though it is doing worse than expected, it is still doing relatively well and might not spell the end of the Dead Space series. EA has adamantly denied the cancellation of Dead Space 4, so it seems that the series is safe—for now. I’d bet, though, that If the next game does not do particularly well, it could just mean the death of Dead Space.

What do you think? Like the new pruning some publishers are doing? Love Dead Space or Crysis? Want Dead Space to die? Thoughts, feelings, and opinions belong in the comments below!

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