Fallout 76 was arguably one of the most disappointing games of 2018, and Bethesda has been feeling the heat. In addition to the bizarre nylon bag controversy, they’ve been dealing with numerous prominent bugs, negative reviews, and mediocre sales numbers. There have even been reports of game shortages in Australia, despite low sales.

The game’s disastrous launch coupled with alleged shortages spawned rumors that Fallout 76 will soon be ditching its $60 price tag in favor of a free-to-play model. Naturally, this would be an upsetting revelation for people who just bought the game at full price in the last couple of months.

So is there any truth to the rumor? According to Bethesda, the answer is a resounding “No!” The publisher’s official Twitter account responded “There is no truth to this rumor” when confronted by a disgruntled fan. While I wouldn’t be surprised to see an eventual price drop, Bethesda currently has no intentions of removing the price tag altogether.

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