Bethesda had everyone laughing during their press conference Sunday night when they debuted a new trailer for “Skyrim: Very Special Edition,” an obvious joke that advertised a new version of the game coming to Amazon Alexa. It was great to see them poking fun at themselves, taking an old internet joke and running with it, but then everything turned on its head when people discovered that the app was, in fact, a real thing.

Now Bethesda’s senior vice president Pete Hines has spoken up about how they came up with the joke, as well as what led them to making it an actual thing that you can download and play. Just like most everyone else when it comes to new versions of Skyrim, he says it’s all because of Todd Howard.

“We know we get a lot of flak [like] ‘What else are you gonna put Skyrim on,’ so we’re like, ‘Well, we’re just gonna own it and have fun with that and make fun of ourselves and make fun of everybody else.

“This, by the way, was entirely Todd [Howard]’s idea from the beginning, but it just started off as a joke and then it evolved into, ‘Actually, we could make the game that we’re joking about and then just troll [you] one layer deeper where [you] think [it’s] really funny…and then you find out that it’s a real thing, and we got you twice.” — Pete Hines

The trolling definitely succeeded for most everyone, with the humor of that trailer seemingly making it obvious that this was in no way real. Everyone got a good laugh out of it, and then they got to be caught by surprise when they realized it was actually happening. There is no word yet on when we should expect the other versions announced by the trailer—such as Skyrim for Etch-a-Sketch, Motorola pagers, or Samsung smart refrigerators—but knowing Todd, I’m sure they can’t be too far off.

“It started out simple. But like a lot of Todd things, it turned out to be way crazier and more complicated and awesome as a result.” — Pete Hines

What do you think of Skyrim: Very Special Edition for Amazon Alexa? Have you gotten to try out the real deal yet? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Source: GameSpot

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