We’re all familiar with the joke. What console could Bethesda possibly port Skyrim to next? It seemed the gaming publisher was almost out of options until Todd Howard took the stage tonight and revealed Skyrim for Alexa.

Of course this was a joke, but it’s nice to see that Bethesda is perfectly aware of how many times they’ve released
Skyrim. The trailer, starring Keegan-Michael Key, even tells us to look out for the Samsung Fridge and Etch-A-Sketch ports of the game.

You can see the “trailer” above!

Update: So…part of this isn’t a joke after all: the Alexa part. That’s right, it’s actually real. After the conference concluded, people discovered that Skyrim: Very Special Edition is actually downloadable via the Amazon Alexa app or on your Android phone. The full steps to get it working can be found over on Polygon.

Alas, the Fridge and Etch-A-Sketch ports are still unavailable, but no doubt Todd Howard is pushing his team hard to make them a reality, so perhaps those will be announced at E3 2019. I guess the real question is, after that, where can they take Skyrim next? 

For the record, my money’s on a Skyrim: Toaster Edition.

Source: Bethesda E3 2018 Press Conference, Polygon

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