Bethesda originally launched Skyrim in 2011, but the mega-popular RPG is still hitting new platforms and making headlines to this day. Bethesda finally brought the world of Skyrim to a Nintendo platform, Switch, last year. It’s a good port, but it lacks a key feature that is central to many players’ experience on other platforms: mods.

Is there any hope for this to change in the future? Eurogamer recently caught up with Todd Howard to discuss the possibility, and he dished out some mixed signals. On one hand, Howard says he would “love” to have mods available for Skyrim on Switch. On the other hand, he says it’s “not something we’re actively doing.” Howard went on to explain that Bethesda’s Switch team has been working on Fallout Shelter, which has surprised him with its quality.

Switch fans shouldn’t expect to have mods available to them anytime soon, but it at least appears to be on Bethesda’s radar. Hopefully Bethesda titles continue to perform well on Switch in the future, prompting them to invest more in developing for the platform.

Source: Eurogamer

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