No one would fault you for missing this secret from Bethesda’s recent E3 Showcase (hey, we almost missed it, too). During the very opening moments, an old command prompt is brought up that segues into the Quake Champions reveal. However, if you pay attention to some of the file names that pop up before the trailer officially starts, you may notice a tiny surprise. The file names themselves list off old Id Software games, the first on the list being Commander Keen, followed by a list of entries in the Wolfenstein series—including the name of the apparently unreleased “New Colossus.”

Some of you may also notice that the games listed off have their release dates next to them as well, while
New Colossus only has a set of stars. Nothing was officially announced during the presentation, however one could infer from all of this information that there is a new Wolfenstein game in the early stages of development. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Source: Gematsu

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