Billy Mitchell, once hailed as the “King of Kong,” has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. Mitchell has always been a controversial figure, but his infamy reached new heights earlier this year when an investigation by Twin Galaxies concluded that his high scores in Donkey Kong were achieved on an emulator, not an actual arcade machine.

As a result, Twin Galaxies removed all of his records and banned him from competition, and Guinness World Records stripped him of his records as well, as Twin Galaxies was their source for the record. Mitchell claimed all the allegations against him are false, rejected the results of Twin Galaxies’ investigation, and pledged to prove his innocence.

In an attempt to clear his name, Mitchell recently live-streamed himself playing Donkey Kong, achieving a score of 1,050,100. This number beats the 1,047,200 score he achieved on the King of Kong tape, but it falls short of two scores he submitted later. He then took to Twitter to decry Twin Galaxies’ investigation once more, calling anyone who doubted his score a “hater.” While it’s an incredibly impressive feat, Robbie Lakeman still holds the world record of 1,247,700 points.

There’s no doubt that Mitchell is a phenomenally talented player, but it’s still entirely possible that the records he sent to Twin Galaxies were not achieved within the confines of their established rules. Twin Galaxies has yet to comment on the recent livestream, so it’s unclear if it will change their minds in any way.

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