There are only a few short weeks until the launch of BioShock: The Collection, and it seems fans may be getting more than they expected. It’s been revealed that BioShock: The Collection will feature not only the original three games, but a brand new documentary series that discusses the tumultuous journey leading up to the development of the first BioShock. Titled “Imagining BioShock,” players will be able to unlock new episodes as they journey through Rapture all over again.

Each episode can be unlocked by collecting golden film reels located throughout the first game. While the reveal was not too specific about what the documentary will show, it was described as an insight into the many “restarts” that took place before the final idea was put onto paper.

Are you looking forward to BioShock: The Collection? Will you be trying to collect every episode of Imagining BioShock? Let us know in the comments!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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