Leading up the very anticipated launch of No Man’s Sky, many fans’ reactions soured when Hello Games announced that the game would be receiving a hefty day-one patch. Although many people were angry and blamed the studio for not finishing the game on time, other excited players and studios, such as BioWare, have come out in support of the day-one patch.

As many may know, in order for a game to be physically published, a studio must go through a lengthy process, called disc certifying, which can take up to three months to complete if everything was done correctly. As BioWare’s Michael Gamble, the producer of the Mass Effect trilogy, points out in his tweet defending the patch, the studio should “use the time,” provided by the disc certification process, and that it will give them “a better quality, more stable game.” The conversation continued with a fan saying that “The disc should also be a valid product with the entire game om it,” to which Gamble agreed.

These comments aren’t surprising, as BioWare has used a day-one patch in all of their recent games, and in my experience, they have always enhanced the end product. Still, many criticize day-one patches since not all gamers will necessarily have access to an internet connection that will allow them to install said patch.

No Man’s Sky‘s day-one patch is an 824 MB update to version 1.03. The main things the update brings include environmental and graphical adjustments alongside choice structures and written avenues for multiple endings.

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