Bitch please.

(Source unknown)


  1. Walter Bernhard: Excuuuuse me, who’s house?

  2. Rookie play castlevania thx

  3. Ruby May this ma house!

  4. Jajajajajajajajajajjajajajajajajajaja Alejandro Alberto Martinez Vilchez Jorge Armando Sánchez Alvarado Agat Liendo Sánchez Albert Aguirre Luis José Paz Rincón

  5. Thought of you Amado Rojo lmfao

  6. source mekklord from tumblr 🙂

  7. David Wayne Carter I hear you when I read this

  8. Dracula had absolutely no chill

  9. Brady Shane Thornton why is this so funny

  10. Richter is really going far.

  11. Brady Aldous why am I laughing at this

  12. “Enough talk, you gon get these hands”

  13. Jens Idziaszek vey as vampire

  14. Ok, DON’T botch this classic please with crappy English.

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