A few days ago, Jeff Kaplan, the director behind Overwatch, was asked by a fan on Reddit about the possibility of Overwatch coming to Nintendo Switch in the future. Tons of third-party companies have been showing support for the Switch, and the console had a remarkably successful launch, so Overwatch being released on the console wouldn’t necessarily be that far-fetched. Kaplan responded rather cordially to the fan’s question, complimenting Nintendo on the Switch, and stated that, although porting the game would be “challenging” for Blizzard, he and his team are still keeping an open mind about “exploring new platforms.”

This response has excited tons of fans who would love to see Blizzard releasing Overwatch (and other future titles, possibly) on Nintendo Switch. A title as popular as Overwatch coming to the console would be a big step for Nintendo, and it’d also introduce the game to a much younger audience. Of course, however, Kaplan’s response is not in any way a confirmation that Blizzard is considering making a Switch version of Overwatch. While his comment does suggest that the company is planning on bringing Overwatch to more platforms and respectfully acknowledges Nintendo’s success with the Switch and the 3DS, it’s no guarantee.

What do you guys think? Do you expect to see Overwatch on Nintendo Switch anytime soon? Personally, I actually think it’s likely that the game will come to the Switch at some point in the next few years, if the console continues to perform well. While Kaplan’s comments aren’t particularly meaningful, they do at least indicate that Blizzard is thinking about bringing Overwatch to other platforms, and the Switch could be a serious possibility.

Source: Reddit

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