After years of delays and plenty of director-swapping, the long-awaited Warcraft movie is finally happening. Warcraft is set to hit theaters on June 10th, and attendees may be getting a special treat. A thread recently popped up on Reddit in which a user claimed to have received a survey from Blizzard. In the survey, Blizzard says they are considering giving away a free copy of MMO World of Warcraft with all of its expansions (as well as an exclusive in-game item and one month of free game time) to everyone who sees the movie in theaters.

At first glance, you may think this is just a baseless rumor. At second glance, you’d be even more confident in that assumption, as “Litch King” is spelled wrong in the survey. However, a Blizzard Customer Support agent going by the Reddit handle “Araxom” has since confirmed that the survey is in fact
the real deal, despite the slightly embarrassing typo. Blizzard has not yet confirmed if they will be pushing forward with this offer.

Source: Reddit

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