Sometimes you just want to play both an Action RPG and a First Person Shooter at the same time. In those cases, there is always Borderlands. The quirky shooter has made waves over the last few years with its humorous plot lines and almost literal “bazillion guns” tagline. Unbeknownst to pretty much everyone, The Handsome Collection, a collection of all three titles and their respective DLC, is actually free on Xbox Live right now, albeit for a very limited time.

I say unbeknownst because seemingly any advertisement for it was kept well hidden. Kotaku was able to discern that it was a free gift from Microsoft as part of their Multiplayer All-Access weekend event that is currently running. This coincidentally allows all players without Xbox Live Gold to play online multiplayer in The Handsome Collection for free as well. It is still unclear whether or not the game will remain in Xbox Libraries after the event ends on the 30th, but if you have ever wanted to check out Borderlands or its sequels, then now may be your best chance.

The Multiplayer All-Access event is for all games as well. You can get yelled at by children not only in Borderlands but in all Xbox One games.

Will you be downloading Borderlands: The Handsome Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Kotaku

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