Qbby is back and better than ever in BoxBoxBoy! This sequel to Hal Laboratory’s cute and endearing puzzler, BoxBoy!, was revealed during today’s Nintendo Treehouse Stream at E3 2016. If you happened to miss BoxBoy! when it first released last year, then do not worry. BoxBoxBoy! is more of the same, albeit with a twist. Qbby, the square protagonist of the series, is able to produce boxes from his own body to create a variety of objects such as bridges or stairs. New to the sequel is the ability to create two sets of these boxes, opening up the platforming puzzles in a variety of fun and twisted ways. Trust me when I say that the gameplay is better seen in action than described.

BoxBoxBoy! is coming soon, too. You can download a copy on the 3DS eStore in just a few weeks on June 30th. In addition, BoyBoy! will be going on sale later today, with an extra added discount for My Nintendo members.

Source: Nintendo E3 2016 Showcase

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