The first DLC expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild comes to Wii U and Nintendo Switch systems on June 30th if you have already purchased the game’s downloadable content. The Master Trials, as the DLC is called, will feature a gauntlet of enemies at the pedestal of the Master Sword as well as a hard mode called Master Mode for players to challenge themselves further in Hyrule.

The Trial of the Sword will be unlocked when Link places the Master Sword back in its pedestal in the Korok Woods. That begins a new type of gauntlet challenge (somewhat like The Savage Labyrinth and Cave of Ordeals from past games) in which Link will start out without all weapons and equipment and must face his way through floors of obstacles and swarms of enemies. The reward for completing the entire trial is having the Master Sword be at 60 power at all times, although the weapon will still be drained of its energy upon use. The Master Sword cannot be completely overpowered, after all.

Master Mode will feature new classes of enemies according to color—much like the fearsome Gold Lynel. Enemy varieties normally in the game will be replaced by the color class above them in difficulty, meaning that some new golden enemies will come into the fray. Enemies will also notice Link much more easily in this mode. Add this onto the random floating platforms crawling with foes dispersed throughout Hyrule, and it sounds like this mode might just be exactly what players need for an extra challenge in their replays of the game.

And that is not to mention other additions this expansion pass will include such as the Korok Mask, which can track down Korok seeds. Maybe getting 100% completion will not be so unrealistic of a task after all!

Are you excited for The Master Trials DLC for Breath of the Wild? And do you think these extra challenges are worth a price tag? Or did you only buy the game’s DLC for the promised story content coming this holiday season? Either way, let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check your Switch or Wii U this Friday for the first Zelda DLC!

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